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As an educator, Aldemaro Romero Jr. has teaching experience in many courses covering 32 subjects, many of them interdisciplinary in nature, including lecture, laboratory, field, and seminar as well as study abroad programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels.  As such, he understands the needs of faculty and can also communicate to the non-academic public the many facets of teaching at the college level.

Dr. Romero with the Field Course of Marine Mammals he taught at Macalester College in Bimini, The Bahamas, in April 2000.

Videotaping dolphins during the Marine Mammals Field Course of Arkansas State University off Key West, Florida, in March 2005.

Dr. Romero with the Laboratory Course of the Marine Mammals class of Arkansas State University in January 2009.

Dr. Romero during a presentation he gave about a class he co-taught at Arkansas State University on Science Communication during a symposium on the topic at The University of Texas at Austin in February 2008.