The team behind Segue

Here are the people who helped make the first 200 episodes of the radio show Segue possible.

From left to right:DSCN6067 Kwame Ross, Michael Cathey, and Wayne Mills (engineers at different stages of the show), Gary Hicks (Executive Producer), Aldemaro Romero Jr., (producer, script writer, and host), Pam Read (coordinator of interviews), Michael Nathe (photographer), Renee Seganfredo (web coordinator), and Wendy Shaw (web master). Picture by Elza Ibroscheva.

Special Issue About Cuba

Today the peer-reviewed, open access journal Polymath published a special issue on Cuba. I co-edited that issue with my colleagues Larry LaFond (SIUE) and Raúl Rodríguez Rodríguez (University of Havana). The special issue contains a couple of pieces I wrote, one about Felipe Poey, the most famous Cuban naturalist and a book review about the foundational documents of the University of Havana. You can access that entire issue at:

New media coming soon!

biographyHello everyone. I’ve got a lot of upcoming new programs starting up over the next two months.  Keep an eye out here for the latest info and updates on my new vlog, radio show, and Intelligencer column.  Also stay tuned for more info on my current programs.

And as always thanks for watching, listening, and reading.