Aldemaro Romero Jr. - Communicator

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    From his time as an undergraduate student until the present Dr. Romero has been very active promoting public understanding of science, environmental awareness, and liberal arts education not only as a writer but also as a producer, director, and/or host of hundreds of radio and TV shows as well as documentaries.  He worked as science editor, commentator and/or columnist for the Spanish newspaper El Noticiero Universal (Barcelona, Spain), Radio Nacional de España, Televisión Española, Radio Peninsular de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain), Radio Capital (Caracas, Venezuela), Venevisión (Caracas, Venezuela), The Jonesboro Sun (Jonesboro, Arkansas) and The Edwardsville Intelligencer (Edwardsville, Illinois), among others, and produced, directed, and hosted his own radio shows at KASU (Jonesboro, Arkansas) and WSIE (Edwardsville, Illinois).  For his work as science communicator in two languages he has received numerous awards in the U.S., Spain, and Venezuela, including the Feijoó Award by the Spanish Association for the Advancement of Science and other accolades for his science and environmental documentaries.  He has also published a number of scholarly publications on the subject of science communication and the promotion of liberal arts education.

    Aldemaro Romero Jr. conducting an interview for segue
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     Regular Columns in Newspapers and Popular Magazines Venue Dates
El Noticiero Universal, newspaper, Barcelona, Spain 1975-1976, weekly Lince, magazine, Barcelona, Spain 1976, monthly Día 32, magazine, Barcelona, Spain 1976, monthly Siesta, magazine, Barcelona, Spain 1977, monthly Destino, magazine, Barcelona, Spain 1977, monthly Primera Plana, magazine, Barcelona, Spain 1977, monthly Tópicos, magazine, Caracas, Venezuela 1980, monthly El Nacional, newspaper, Caracas, Venezuela 1985-1992, occasional Economía Hoy, newspaper, Caracas, Venezuela 1990-1993, weekly Ámbito, magazine, Caracas, Venezuela 1990, monthly The Jonesboro Sun, newspaper, Jonesboro, Arkansas 2005-2009, weekly The Edwardsville Intelligencer, newspaper, Edwardsville, Illinois 2011-current, weekly
  • Radio

Radio Shows Written, Produced, Directed and/or Hosted Title Venue Dates Length Los Abismos del Mar Radio Peninsular 1971-1972 30 min
(The Depths of the Sea) Barcelona, Spain weekly Protagonistas Nosotros Radio Nacional de España 1971-1976 10 min
(Science Section on Barcelona, Spain weekly We, Protagonists) Un minuto con BIOMA Radio Capital 1990-1994 1 min
(A minute with BIOMA) Caracas, Venezuela weekly Science in the Natural State KASU-FM 2005-2009 5 min Jonesboro, Arkansas weekly Segue WSIE 2011-2014 30 min Edwardsville, IL weekly

    Segue Crew: From left to right, Kwame Ross, Michael Cathey, and Wayne Mills (engineers at different stages of the show), Gary Hicks (Executive Producer), Aldemaro Romero Jr., (producer, script writer, and host), Pam Read (coordinator of interviews), Michael Nathe (photographer), Renee Seganfredo (web coordinator), and Wendy Shaw (web master).  Picture by Elza Ibroscheva.

  • Television

TV Series Written, Produced, Directed and/or Hosted Title Venue Dates Length Two minutes with science Radio Televisión Española 1975-1976 2 min Barcelona, Spain weekly Environment in Venezuela Venevisión 1988-1990 10 min Caracas, Venezuela monthly One minute with BIOMA Venevisión 1991-1993 1 min Caracas, Venezuela weekly Kaleidoscope In production 2012-2014 30 min
  • Documentaries

Video Documentaries Written, Produced, Directed and/or Hosted Title Year Length The Agustín Codazzi Aquarium 1979 26 min A National Park is Born 1988 11 min The Other Paraguaná (Part 1) 1988 10 min The Other Paraguaná (Part 2) 1989 10 min Páramos Forever 1989 10 min In Search of the Spectacled Bear 1989 16 min The Amazing Paraguaná 1991 26 min BIOMA: The First Five Years 1991 12 min The Dolphins, Our Cousins 1992 9 min Our Forests, Our Heritage 1993 10 min The College of Arts and Sciences 2009 8 min Five Paleontological Mysteries 2010 27 min Why a Liberal Arts Education? 2011 8 min Academic Diplomacy: An Expedition to Cuba 2012 17 min Academic Administration with Aldemaro Romero Jr. 2014 7 min Best Year 2014 3 min